Rice Games Inc.



Virtual development

Is there a need for a decked out office when everything can be done on the computer? We use Asana and Discord for project management and communication; simply relax and get to game development!



Work from anywhere

Being on a virtual team means that you can work from anywhere! Even as a supplement to your other work, you will be able to meet new, talented people and develop something amazing together!

Teammates participate in a monthly hour-long meeting to provide their updates and see the progress that has been made for Shujinkou.
Shujinkou Sanrin Exploration Dungeon Crawling

Current Projects


Nintendo Switch, PS4, PS5, PC


Lovecraftian Deckbuilder
PC, Coming Soon

A New Way to Play and Learn
Shujinkou = Full JRPG + Fully Optional Japanese Language Learning Functionalities
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Prestigious Backgrounds

With a team of hungry entrepreneurs and seasoned veterans alike, we know what needs to be done to bring Shujinkou into fruition.

The developers of Rice Games are teeming with passion, knowledge, and skill.
Each team member makes unique and important contributions to our video games every week!
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